Alpha Eternity Bracelet
Qannati’s iconic masterpiece, the Alpha, is the only one of its kind and not for sale. Handcrafted by our exceptional team and from the wonderful minds of our designers, this piece represents the day time first began.
* 999 days to create this masterpiece

* The magnetic dust represents the big bang explosion and changes shape with the movement of the wrist

* The alligator skin is covered with black diamond armor

* This masterpiece number 13 is not for sale and has a different case than the rest of the Eternity pieces

* This is a unique masterpiece (1 of 1)
Illustrated by master Frederic Mane. Handcrafted by Jothi-Seroj.
Alpha Eternity Bracelet
Contact us to purchase:
Phone/message: +33 1 53 45 54 50
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artist. *Pre-appointment based on Qannati's research on the client
Clients may request a personalised masterpiece to be designed and handcrafted for them. The process takes between 3 to 6 months (depending on the complexity of the project)
2. Artistic Alienment with Master Designer
3. Selection of Gemstones & Other Materials
4. Valuation and Craftsmanship
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