Qannati Objet d’Art is a multidisciplinary niche luxury French Bahraini brand, created by visionary entrepreneur Mahmood Qannati in partnership with France’s most talented experts in the field of luxury. Qannati is the result of passion and expertise.
The brand engages in art, jewellery and horology, depicting the perfect marriage of history, mythology, technology, luxury and design.
Qannati was born in 2018 with the aim of reviving the ancient philosophy of Mesopotamia with French art and craftsmanship. Qannati gives rebirth to a 4500-year-old philosophy encapsulated in a bracelet. The Mesopotamian kings have always been depicted wearing bracelets, on both wrists, as a symbol of divinity, power and knowledge.

With this inspiration, Qannati creates unique masterpieces for those who hold the reins of time. These creations speak the language of the universe – sacred geometry hidden in all that exists.
Mahmood Qannati is an entrepreneur, marketing and public relations professional. Born and raised in Bahrain, a country rich in the culture and traditions of millennia. From his passion for the world’s most exquisite watches, in 2018, he founded Qannati Objet d’Art in Place Vendome, Paris.

His superb creations are inspired by ancient Mesopotamian art and blended with wonderfully contemporary design. The careful selection of rare gems, exotic materials, and unmatched French craftsmanship, create intimately customisable objets d’art that fulfil the dreams of art, jewellery, and luxury watch collectors.
Mahmood Qannati
Frédéric Mané is a French luxury designer and artistic director with a strong and broad experience in jewellery and precious objects. For over two decades, Frédéric collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands and with important high jewellery houses of Place Vendôme bringing personality to the most prestigious projects.

Frédéric Mané draws inspiration from his youth in the South of France surrounded by a mesmerising atmosphere full of tales, ancient legends, and art. Over the years, has mastered the fusion of those roots with new influences from the world’s diverse cultures converting opposite ideas into jewellery masterpieces.
Jothi-Seroj is a French jeweller and sculptor who graduated from the prestigious École Boulle, a college of applied arts in Paris.
Thanks to his rare talent, Jothi soon began to work for major jewellery brands in Place Vendôme before launching his own atelier. Known for his unique attention to detail, his pieces are exceptional miniature sculptures.

Having a mystical approach to materials, Jothi-Seroj is an alchemist who uses elements of life in his work. His creation process incorporates many different techniques, some classic and some from the latest new, and often, he creates his own. In this way, the most delicate artistic sensibility is combined with the greatest level of technical precision.
Master jeweller, alchemist with mystical approach to details
Master of jewellery design,
mediterranean artist
Frédéric Mané