A new company specializing in “wearable art” founded by a Bahraini man has released a new collection of watches and bracelets designed in France and manufactured in Switzerland.

These watches collection is called “Celebration of Time,” which is the first edition of Qannati Objet d’Art, founded in 2018, by Mahmood Qannati.

Qannati is described as “a global entrepreneur with a passion for history".
He is currently the Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing at Bahrain Islamic Bank.

The brand itself is inspired by the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.
The collection includes 13 watches and bracelets, and was created in a partnership with two prestigious French designers, artisans and jewelry specialists: Frédéric Mané, artistic director of my channel, and Jothi-Sèroj Ebroussard, jeweler and chief sculptor of the House.

The collection unfolds over time through the age of the dinosaurs, the beginning of civilization with Adam and Eve, the power of the Gladiators, and into the present with a celebration of Arab culture and the significance of F1 in Monaco, ending in our near but distant future with space discoveries.

Each of the six watches features a unique 3D “universe”, precision-crafted and sculpted, that tells a story through a mixture of gemstones and exotic materials.

For his part, Mahmood Qannati said that each of them has its own themes that represent “a chapter of the greater spectrum of time, from the beginning of the universe to the conquest of space.”